Welcome to E Squared Designs!  

Thanks for stopping by my website.  I am a macro and nature photographer living in Spokane, WA.  I love this city and can't imagine living anywhere else.  I am constantly observing my surroundings looking to find beauty in ordinary things. Whether it is landscapes or focusing on tiny details in macro photography, I look for lines, texture and symmetry in everything I shoot. I also adore creating photo mandalas from my original images.  I live with my husband and teenage daughter and in my free time I enjoy hanging with them, playing with my super cute Welsh Corgi named Olive and binge watching mindless shows on Netflix!

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Emily and Ellie 2017

Emily and Ellie 2017

Why The Name?

I chose the name E Squared Designs for a few reasons.

1. My two girls are named Emily and Ellie and I have always signed our family letters with the mathematical symbol for E Squared.  Since the keyboard makes it impossible to type that easily I just spelled it out :-)  My girls are my world and I figured they were worthy of having my brand named after them!

2.  I am a little OCD ( my family would say more than a little) and need things in my world to be organized and symmetrical.

3.  I love creating photo mandalas from my images because of the beautiful lines and centered feel of them. I think of the mandalas as more of a “design” than a “photograph”.

So there you go......weird name but it works for me!